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About Us 

Cats Conservatory is a fully indoor, heated and air conditioned cattery where your furry friend can come and be pampered and loved  while you are on holiday, moving house, or any other reason that kitty might need a night or more away.

A small team of staff are on hand for most of the day to ensure all guest needs and wants are met, whether that be a cuddle, an extra snack or a quick manicure.


As you enter Cats Conservatory you are greeted in our warm and welcoming reception area, filled with the soothing sounds of a fountain and hum of the radio which is on all day and night. The light smell of a candle burning and the comfort of air conditioning or heating.

Four Indoor Courtyards

We have four spacious indoor courtyards filled with plants, pots and couches ready to be explored. Scratching posts and snuggly beds also make sure your furry friends has all the comforts they need while they are away from home.

Our suites and Penthouses are set up around the courtyards.

Guests never mixed beyond their own households and all surfaces are cleaned regularly.

For guests not interested in the courtyards, staff are on hand for snuggles, brushes and reassurance.

Standard Suites

These spacious rooms come equipped with a tower with multiple sleeping levels, a bed and usually a scratching post. Plenty of room for one or two guests to snuggle together or have room to sleep apart.

Penthouse Suites

Twice as wide as the standard suites a Penthouse suite comes with all the comforts of a standard suite plus addition beds, a bigger scratching post and some additional climbing furniture.

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