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Room Service


All our feline guests have free access to various menus and dining choices throughout the day. 

Our range includes Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Raw Meat & a selection of specialty tins. Should you prefer to supply your cat's own food, there are fridge & freezer facilities available.

Happy Hour

Every feline guest that boards with us enjoys our happy hour from 5pm- 6pm everyday. This service includes complimentary cat grass, cat nip and various nibbles and treats. Incorporated in this time our DJ mixes up some lazy tunes and relaxation mixes. The perfect time to sit back and unwind into the evening.

Meditation, Yoga &
Relaxation Lounge

All our feline guests have access to the relaxation lounge. Every guest has an exclusive daily booking into the relaxation lounge where they can either mediation alongside the Buddha, or maybe stretch amongst the garden fauna or simply sit back on the lounge and watch some television or catch the latest DVDs.

Digital Pictures

We aim to make contact (via email or Facebook) during the first few days of your cat's stay with us to let you know how they are settling in. Whilst we do endeavour to keep in touch with our kitty parents, it is not always possible to facilitate daily messages during short stays & busy periods. Our guest's photos appear on our Facebook page - Cats Conservatory (Official) 

  • Cats Conservatory (Official)
Food Allergies & Medication


At Cats Conservatory we are happy to administer any medication or alternative therapies for your cat.However, prescription Diets and all medications will need to be supplied. Because Cats Conservatory is a boutique resort we can offer one on one attention to our guests and offer this as a free service.

Feline Massage

All our guests are given a complimentary feline massage during their stay with us. This massage has numerous benefits for the feline including increased circulation, reduction of stress and emotional calming, relax muscles, can reduce any tension and improves the general health and well being for your cat. Our trained on site therapist is happy to provide additional massage services for a small extra cost during your felines stay. Please enquire when booking your felines stay.


An exclusive cat grooming treatment is available for your feline whist staying at Cats Conservatory. All grooming, clipping and manicures are performed by our qualified groomer. For more information on grooming please contact our reception.

Private Cat Boarding Melbourne Transport

Cats Conservatory offer private pick up and drop off service from your house to the cat boarding resort. Please enquire at reception for more information.

Subject to availability.

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